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Favorite Links


My Favorite Websites:
A national organization for the support of heterosexual crossdressers and their significant others.
Phoenix chapter of Tri-Ess.  I am a member in good standing.
I am a co-founder of this new support group in the Yuma/Imperial Valley area for crossdressers.
A forum for crossdressers to discuss and share information.
A great organization that fights for the rights of all transgender people.
This organization is dedicated to Amancio Corrales, a victim of hate crime.
Website of Helen Boyd, author of "My Husband Betty," one of the best books on crossdressing from a SO's point of view.  I have met Helen and Betty, and they are wonderful people.
Helen's other website.  This one focuses on her books, including her newest, "Boy Meets Girl."
A vendor of crossdressing supplies and clothing.
My favorite site that argues against those Chritian Right people (who are neither).
Tara's site is full of useful information, and she has a great sense of humor.
Thorough on transgender issues.
Another great resource from a wonderful Christian transwoman.
Website of Calpernia Addams and Andrea James, who coached Felicity Huffman in her role in "TransAmerica."  The site offers help on vocal training and feminine presentation. 
Plenty of information on the techniques involved in surgical facial feminization, and for a fee you can submit photos and have them feminized.

Susan's Place Transgender Resources is a support resource for the transgender community which provides information of use to transsexuals, crossdressers, and their familes. Resources available include Chat, Links, Reference Library, Site Reviews, Forums, GRS surgeon reviews, Wiki, and much more.

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