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Mandi's World

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Call me Mandi.  I am a teacher, a writer, and a Christian.  Oh, and I am transgendered.  I love sci-fi, mystery, and literary fiction, and I write articles on transgender topics for my support group's newsletter.
To read some of my fiction, go to Mandi's Portfolio.
The image to the right is Ranma 1/2, a character who is male at times, and female at times (like me!).
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What's New?

This website is, like life, a work in progress.  It is a showcase for my essays, and a tool for education about transgender issues.  It is also about me.


Dennis Kucinich
I voted for Dennis Kucinich

Ranma 1/2 changes sex when wet

Ranma 1/2 in Female Form

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Yuma United Church of Christ

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